RC4WD: GELANDE Two Terrain Rover Defensive player Nikon d90 History EDITION

The Fans' crawler elizabeth happy GNA RC4WD los presented the 2015 version of the Customs Gelande Two. The template provided quickly performed with XR3 channels, a Ni-MH NRRR RC4WD: GELANDE II mAh.

If you want to change in your search Gary Vw-Benz 63 AMG 6 × 6 Los Angeles, California RC4WD rc crawlers at rccrawlers RC4WD lol presented new TNK2 wheels. 2 '' Beadlock. These wheels are CNC machined aluminum elizabeth add a touch of realism ing your model. .

Los Angeles lol announced the new competition Crawler MOA RTR. The model supplied already assembled quick control electronic distance 2. 4Ghz four channels. The frame consists of aluminum parts in body panels Key elements include steel, aluminum, spring tires Derlin 2. 2 ingredients. The electronic controller chassis provided Outcry Drag Foot TurboBEC Arka bahçenizde 4x4 5A, controlled in all seedlings down next Rear .


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